Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Farewell my friends

Well I am waiting for my car to the airport. This shall be a grand adventure. I will miss home of course and I will miss this blog. I have had fun. I hope it has occasionally been amusing as well as thought provoking. I will check for comments to be posted in a few days and while I will not be posting I will not delete this blog. I will leave it up for reference purposes. LOL

I want to thank those of you who visited. A huge thank you to Honest Abe and Art Gallagher aka William Seward for all the encouragement they have given me. The Republican party is lucky to have these gentlemen. One more thank you. Jim "The Shadow" Gianell gave me the title to this post in a recent comment and it is appropriate for my final thoughts.

For 5 years now there have been dedicated Republicans who have been fighting for a Monmouth County Republican party that is democratic, that is interested in public service not personal gain, that is interested in solutions not ego gratification and that wants to find a new way to do political business not just find loopholes to new rules. There have been victories and there have been bitter defeats but progress has been made. Some may say we are naive dreamers or even crazies who will destroy the party but I think not. In fact I think we are on the verge of victory. I smell change in the air. I feel the masses rising up and saying enough. I regret I will not be here to see the final victory but I shall certainly be watching from afar.

What if I am wrong what if victory is not within our grasp. Do not despair. Some battles are worth fighting no matter the outcome. So never stop fighting, never give up and never ever say die!


Monday, April 28, 2008

I have finally found a cure!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So in response to my request for information I found this little gem in my inbox this morning. My informant received a copy of this from their Municipal Chairman who received it from Steve McEnery the Chairman in Manalapan.

This is not the forum that I would normally use for this type of info. However, this will be a very difficult election year for all of Monmouth County. As many of you may know, Manalapan will be having a more difficult year because we will be facing a primary. A few Republican malcontents and a number of rejected Democrat losers have joined together to try and split the Republican Party in Manalapan. We have become just another town to face turmoil.
I believe that the loyal Republicans from Manalapan can take a beating and survive. We can deal with our own dirty laundry.
However, none of us need outsiders helping to split Manalapan Republicans. I have heard that Jim Giannell has teamed up with the breakaway's and committed to help fund their campaign. I know Jim likes to play in the shadow (emphasis added) so nothing can be attached to him, accept the good things he likes to take credit for. I would like your help in telling Jim to pay attention to his own business and leave other Towns to work out their own issues. Start supporting the Party and stop prying things apart.
I'm not sure how to say it in Greek, perhaps some one can translate for Mr. Giannell, what goes around, comes around.
Steve McEnery
Chairman, Manalapan

Is he kidding? On the one hand this stuff makes you worry about the future of the party. On the other hand it makes great theater. You gotta love it.

Does this mean there is a plot a foot to replace the County Chair? The first step would be to take control of municipal committees. Who will be the candidate? This is interesting.

Only a few days left to get tips into the Monmouth Bull Moose. Don't miss your chance.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On The Front Line.

The Battle rages in Manalapan where the Republican Club overwhelmingly endorsed the challengers to Chairman Steve McEnery.

The committee is stacked with supporters and friends of the chairman but the club is usually filled with rank and file worker bees. Their lack of support for the Chairman is not a good sign for him.

Since he is Adam Puharics hatchet man this is also not a good sign for Adam. If the revolutionaries take control of Manalapan Adam will be in big trouble if a challenger to his
(mis) rule emerges.

This battle bears close watching.

Any news that any readers may have about similar battles in other towns please forward to me. I am interested in hearing more. All contacts will be kept confidential.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In Defense of Anonymity

We anonymous bloggers take a lot of grief for being anonymous (usually from an anonymous poster... go figure). As I near the end of my career as an anonymous blogger I feel the urge to address this issue.

Anonymity in political commentary has a long and prestigious history. many of our founding fathers engaged in it and some were also the victims of it. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were particularly adept at it and in fact wrote there defense of the proposed Constitution anonymously.

The Supreme Court has recognized that the right to engage in anonymous speech is protected by the First Amendment. With out this the free exchange of opinion would suffer.

Why would someone be anonymous? Political opinion often engenders strong feelings. Some people feel that anonymity protects them and there loved one from retaliation.

Some people work for companies who just do not like controversy and would be upset if one of there employees was an Internet blogger with controversial opinions. This is especially true with regard to the Internet where a comment can travel around the world and live forever.

Of course some opinions are so controversial that they could subject a person to physical violence.

some people feel ,whether rightfully or not, that their opinion will get more serious consideration if no one knows who they are.

Of course none of this excuses anonymous slander or libel such as falsely accusing someone of criminal or immoral conduct. Nor does it excuse gratuitous name calling.

I will admit I have sometimes come close to the line in voicing my opinion about certain politicians or people involved in politics. Even though those opinions are based on my evaluation of there actions as political figures I sometimes wonder if my harsh words have crossed the line.
Yes I do have occasional pangs of conscience. This has caused me to hold back on occasion. Then again my real persona has never really held back on these opinions. Even though I have not put them in print they are not closely held secrets. Further it can be argued that people entering the political arena must expect to be subject to criticism about there motives.

So this is why anonymous speech though subject to abuse should not be suppressed.

Then again the possibility exists that this is merely a rationalization for cowardice.

What do you the reader think?

Anonymous comments only please.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Todays Headline

Legal Tab of 2.8 Mill. Disturbs D'Amico

No Duh!

Unfortunatly the Democrat is %100 correct in his analysis of the matter.

I am glad to see Lillian finally gets it and jumped right on that. She should immediatly take steps to see follow through. As Director she can steal the lead from the Dems on this. She can say we tried to reduce costs and it did not work. Lets try in house and see if that works.

If they go this route the Republicans and the Democrats should pledge to develop a NON-Partisan criteria for the position.
Senator Andrews?

Congressman Rob Andrews taking on fellow Democrat Frank Lautenberg. Good for him I like someone who is willing to buck the system.

Hey, it always makes me feel good to see the Democrats fighting.

Truth be told if our Senator must be a Dem Andrews is much more palatable then Cranky Frank!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Idiot Party

So Unanue has now dropped out and they are resurrecting Dick Zimmer.

You remember Dick. He lost to the Torch and then could not win his congressional seat back.

This is the guy who really pissed conservatives off while he was in office. I remember when he flipped on the assault weapon ban. Now while I disagreed with that legislation my issue with Dick was the flip flop. I was present at an event Dick was at and he told a group of us that a bunch of RHINO'S from West Windsor had really gotten on him about his vote against it. They said they would not vote for him again if he did not switch. Shortly thereafter the spineless wonder did just that. Another politician who acts on principle.... NOT.

This is what the best the NJ Republican leadership can come up with?

They would be better served supporting Pennacio or Sabrin. Oh wait a minute, that will not work, they could not control those candidates.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hey, everybody has to make a living right?

Is anyone wondering how Lesniak came out with a book about his "heroic" stand against the death penalty so quickly.

Is there nothing Politicians will not make a buck off of. This story makes me want to take a shower.

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GOP Party leaders excited over prospect of Teddy Roosevelt running for the US Senate

The above link is an article about Jersey Joe Pennachio withdrawing from the race for united States Senator if Teddy Roosevelt runs.

While I am flattered let me set the record straight right now. I am not running for Senate. If Nominated I will not run if elected I will not serve.

In fact I hereby wholeheartedly Endorse Jersey Joe and urge all my supporters to vote for him.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Red Bank Green reports that although Bennett is running for Mintons seat on the County Committee he does not want the position of Municipal Chair. You do not have to be on the committee to be elected Chairman of your municipal committee. It is all very innocent ;)

Today's News

Lots of exciting things going on today! Did you see that there is no primary to replace the departing Mayor Joe DiBella or Councilwomen Cynthia Shoemaker (Both who had at one time thrown there hats in the ring for Freeholder). Even more surprising the democrats could not even find someone to run. This unusual in a town that historically has had very contentious politics. I usually decry this type of apathy but I have to admit that it is good news for Republicans in this case.

Then I read about perennial APP punching Bag and former State Senator John Bennett challenging John Minton for Chairman in Red Bank. Apparently with the approval of Adam Puharic. Show of hands. How many people would like to see John Bennett just GO AWAY. Our party would be so much better off if he would just retire and move to Florida. He was a bad State Senator and it is representatives like him that contributed to the mess this state is in.

Speaking of Chairman some rumors as of late. A challenge is being mounted for control of the Committee in Wall Township. No big surprise considering that some "independent" Republicans got elected to Council there. In Manalapan a strong challenge is being mounted against the regime of Puharic right hand man Steve McEnery. Not suprising considering the mess that Manalapan seems to be in. If he looses that will be a big blow to Puharic. It is also rumored that Tinton Falls Chairman and one of the founders of the Two Rivers group Mike Lafey is not running for Chairman in Tinton Falls this year.

Anyone out there no of any other towns where changes are taking place in the county committee or where challenges are being mounted? Is this all a harbringer of change at the County level?

As I write this it dawns on me that some of this may be connected to a big power play. Are Bennett and Puharic mounting a challenge to Jim Giannell protege John Minton because they suspect Giannell has something to do with challenges to chairman who support Puharic? If so is that perception based in reality. If that is the case I hope this is the final showdown because the constant internecine warfare has to stop at some point.

That being said I am rooting for the insurgents. The current regime has been a failure.

Sundays News.

OK I am a little late but I wanted to point out two things in Sundays Asbury Park Press.
Ingle had some great comments on cutting the State budget.

Additionally they had an excellent editorial on Initiative and Referendum.

Everyone should do whatever they can to support the I&R bill introduced by Monmouth County's own Declan Oscanlon and Carol Casagrande. You have to give these two credit they have hit the ground running.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mount Laurel

I usually confine my posting to commenting on the foibles of various Monmouth County Politicians but today I am going to branch out a little into a state wide public issue. I have been thinking about low and moderate income housing (what we in NJ call Mount laurel housing) a lot lately because of various articles in the Newspaper. Mobile Home parks closing, new regs being discussed on determing a municipalities fair share, Fort Monmouth redevelopment and the impact it would have on the housing obligations of the towns involved have all been in the news lately.

The Mount Laurel court decision that mandated communities build low and moderate income housing has done more then anything to contribute to the overdevelopment of this state.
While I think the court decision was bad and beyond the scope of the courts authority the bad impact of overdevelopment that resulted is really the fault of local politicians.

They took the easy way out. Giving builders greatly enchanced density of market price housing so that they would build a few mount laurel units became the favored way of dealing with the issue. They thought this was the cheapest way to deal with the issue. They were wrong. The additional density cost the towns money. On average residential development cost one dollar and fifty cents in services for every dollar in additional tax revenue generated. The higher densities resulted in more congestion, enviormental degradation, reduced quality of life and higher taxes.

Now you are saying Ok Teddy if all thats true what were the alternatives.

Well to use an overused phrase politicians failed to think outside the box. There were better ways to address this court imposed mandate.

One thing a few towns have done bot not to a large enough extent is form housing authorities and non profit corporations that could have built 100 Mount Laurel units without having to give an extra 2ooo market units. They could have got low interest loans from the State to construct the units. Yes they would have had to expend tax dollars but in the end I doubt it would have been more expensive then the way it was done and it may have been cheaper.

I will give you another Idea. I mentioned Mobile Home parks closing before. This is a loss to a town of low income housing that they will have to make up somewhere else. The stereotypes about trailor parks aside they have very little impact on municipal services and put few children in the school system. If towns were smart they would have made sure that some vacant land was zoned for mobile home parks. Believe me they would have been built. Heck that would have been an inexpensive way for a non profit or housing authorty to provide the housing.
I will let you in on a little secret. A lot of mobile home park owners are millionaires.
I have seen some especially in Florida that are like country clubs. How do I know all this. I had a relative who lived in one for a while and had a chance to speak to the park owner.

The whole point of this is to get the politicians thinking before the next round of obligations come out. The current model is not working so develop a new one. I do not want to come back and see the little of this state that is still green paved over.
Good Job

It is nice to see a Republican Freeholder get some good press. Director Burry did a good job with the Glimmer Glass Bridge issue. I also like the way she got mention of no tax increase this year into the article. This is the kind of stuff she has to do if she wants to be re-elected. She and Mr. Curley have to become the anti-establishment candidates. Easy for Curly harder for her but she can do it if she continues to buck the system. Vote down a couple high bids. Propose some cost cutting measures. Matbe tighten up a little ethics reform. She may not get the A.P.P. endorsement but all she needs to do is not give them anything they can hammer her on and she can beat the nobody knows them democratic candidates.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The APP Reports "The Monmouth County freeholders for unclear reasons dropped close monitoring of bills from government attorneys in recent months — despite amassing a budget-breaking 2007 legal tab in excess of $2.2 million."

Interesting that as soon as Anna Little was gone this stopped. Did they really think no one would notice? If it was an oversight it was a stupid one.

Now the interesting thing is that 20 attorneys racked up 2.2 million in fees. If you do some math that comes to one hundred and ten thousand per lawyer. Now some make way less and some make way more but none of them are doing this full time. So I figure this job could be done by less then 10 full time salaried attorneys. The real proof would be in the number of hours spent doing what but I am going to hazard a guess that the job could be done in house for less then 2.2 million.
Wasn't there supposed to be a study done on that issue? Has anyone seen it?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Calling Rick Ambrosia

A while back another blog poster Rick Ambrosia and I had a little tit for tat about a comment he made something along the lines that he did not believe Declan Oscanlons promise that his telecom consulting company would not take government contracts within his legislative distrct.

I chastised him for recklessly throwing around allegations and said when Declan did keep his promise I would publicly request an apology.

According to Red Bank Green Declan went one better.

I think now would be a good time for that apology Mr. Ambrosia.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Congratulations Mr. Curley

I have been thinking about what Mr. Curley's win means. I think it says a lot about the mood of the rank and file. They clearly wanted a firebrand. Someone who wants to change the way business is done and is not beholden to political bosses. Although he was not my choice for philosophical reasons I do think he will be a very effective candidate.

Questions; will the Republican leaders take the hint or if he gets elected and starts bucking them will they start treating him like another Anna Little? Will the Freeholders get the message and radically change the way business is done. (admittedly they have improved but they still are making tone deaf decisions). Will the Republican Freeholders learn to work together or will they continue to have there little power struggles. let us hope the answers are No, Yes and choice #1.

BTW this is not meant to suggest I think Serena DiMasso is beholden to political bosses. Although some may have had that impression I do not believe that to be true. She does however have a different approach and temperament. I think she would also have been a good choice and I hope she tries again down the road.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Little Rant

The Asbury Park Press had an article today about the Monmouth GOP getting ready to choose a Freeholder canddidate.

The Article had this to say,

"A vote by a party screening committee in February left Curley, DiMaso and former Freehold Township Zoning Board of Adjustment member Steven Walsh in a virtual three-way tie. Party chairman Adam Puharic could have selected one of the candidates as Burry's running mate but instead chose to have convention delegates pick between Curley and DiMaso.
"It is working out extraordinarily well with good dialogue taking place. We have a pretty thorough vetting process that has allowed the cream to rise to the top," Puharic said. "Those with good strong resumes and plans are coming forward.""

Not that I think he would win or was the best candidate but if Walsh got an equal number of votes from the vaunted screening committee why should he have been excluded by the Chairman? because Adam thinks so. Yeah I trust his judgment.
Sure the rules permitted Puharic to choose just one because he made the rules that is why he could disregard them.

The vetting process allowed the cream to rise? Just who did the vetting process prevent from running? Exactly how are they vetted other then the screening committee deciding who is the smallest risk to their power base. Since previous Freeholders were not "vetted" I am still waitng for an explanation of how this process would have made for better results in the past.
Lets hear it!

I will harp on this to my last breathe.

The process is undemocratic and is only to protect the powerbase of those who are in politics for self interest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It is with great regret that I must inform my loyal readers that as of May 1, 2008 I must cease blogging activities.

Business requires me to go to the Sub Continent for at least a year and possibly longer.

As I do not beleive it will be possible to blog about Monmouth County Politics from that great distance because I will be unable to keep my ear to the ground, the last blog entry shall be on May,1 2008.

Until then let us see how much trouble I can get in.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Yeah and one other thing "Less Legislators"

Another thing in the paper I forgot to mention Carl Golden had a great editorial on reducing the assembly to one member in each district to cut costs.

I will go one better, a Unicameral Legislature. Since the NJ Supremes ruled that state senators can not be elected by County but must be in a legislative district there is really no need for them. We could save a lot with just two Assembly representatives elected every three years.

Can you you imagine politicians doing away with an elected office that they can milk.

HaHaHaHa that would never happen. Another thing will never get without I & R.

Stuff in the paper the last couple of days. The Asbury Park Press does not like the choices in the Republican primary for U.S Senator. They think they are too conservatives. TOO Bad. Maybe we should drag out Christy Whitman to run. Last time she got elected it worked out so well. She gets as much blame for the current fiscal mess as the rest of our past 4 Governors. I say lets give voters a real choice this time. A died in the wool conservative versus one of the most liberal senators around.

Next over the weekend Anna Little was vindicated ...AGAIN... with the creation of an economic development committee to attract business to Monmouth County. This is a response to the Fort closing and a number of large employers leaving the area , like Bell Labs . I am concerned that the committee seems comprised of academics and politicians. How about a couple of real live businessmen.
Start ups are the way to go. We have a lot of talent in this area and an incubator could help a lot of new businesses take off.
Unfortunately it looks like the Fort Monmouth redevelopment is short on that type of thing and long on housing and retail. Just what Monmouth County needs. (he said in a voice dripping with loathing and sarcasm)

The Democrats picked their candidates for Freeholder. I will not give them free publicity by mentioning their names. I will say that if we can not beat them both we should just pack up our bags and slink out of town.

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 03, 2008

More Democrats! EEWWWW

So today's Asbury Park Press had an article about how the democratic Chairman has loaned a lot of money to the party. Ho Hum.

The interesting part is where they expect to do well this year because of an increase in democratic registrations in Monmouth County. They claim their numbers are now on par with republicans.

A lot of posters on the blogs have posited that this election cycle will be a cakewalk for Monmouth County Republicans because it is a presidential election and a Monmouth county Republicans always do well in a presidential year.

Maybe we should rethink that.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We don't need no stinkin Bylaws
OK so the Sunday Press reports a 3 way split in the screening committee with regard to who will be our candidate for Freeholder.
According to the press, Adam "Bylaws? we don't need no stinkin bylaws! "Puharic said that he is empowered by the party's by-laws to make a selection in the event of a tie.
Did bylaws get adopted by fiat while nobody was watching? I would not put it past this crowd to adopt bylaws with out putting to a vote of the committee. Hell, they pass resolutions without any vote.
What next El Chairmanedente for life?
I gave Puharic the benefit of the doubt when he was first elected. I have never understood how he has acted since his election. I do not dislike the guy but I sure do not like him as Chairman. Please for the good of the party somebody run against this guy, anybody. I would take Dowd or Nieman back in a NY minute at this point.
After a revolution that called for more democracy Adam has actually made the party structure less democratic and the party less strong. He has careened from disaster to disaster all of his own making.
I repeat somebody with an ounce of common sense and leadership ability please step up and run because this party is on life support and another two years of Puharic will result in the plug being pulled.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tone Deaf

Let me preface this with the statement that Freeholder Lillian Burry is not one of those politicians I dislike.

That being said I can not believe she is defending Harry Larrison in the paper.

She says He is being tried in abstentia. Good Grief every politician that was indicted as a result of Bid Rig has plead or been found guilty. Many of them after swearing they were innocent. LETS FACE IT IF CHRISTY INDICTED THEM HE HAD A PRETTY AIRTIGHT CASE.

On top of that it is lousy politics to be defending him. EVERY republican politician in this county should demand his name be removed from the building on Brookdale. I do not care what he did for that school. His corruption wipes out all of it. Beck, Handlin and DaMico are right.

Speaking of Damico. He flips on the issue of hiring the county hiring ex congressman Roe as a lobbyist on transportation issues.
He either decided we get more then our moneys worth out of Roe and that he can do a better job of getting us funds then part time elected officials OR he caved to pressure from Democratic party bosses. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt even if he is a Dem. Lets face it unfortunately the way the game is played we have to fight for our share.

The APP however did not. The point of this is that in their arrogance rather then say gee maybe we should look at this again and analyze the figures, they did their typical knee Jerk. They can not even fathom that they might be wrong. This paper is a pox on all elected officials.

The common thread in these two stories. Papers and Politicians both have a problem considering that they might be wrong.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just read this interview in Red Bank Green. While there is merit to Mr. Curly's arguement that local politics should be non partisan the fact of the matter is that it is not. Therefore in my mind Mr. Curly's views disqualify him from getting the nod to be the parties nominee.

I have no issue with someone opposing their party when they feel the party is wrong on an issue. I also have no problem with someone changing parties when a philosophical disconnect occurs.

However if you want to the nod to run for a position under a party banner there must be some loyalty to the princples and positions that embody that party. It can not merely be a flag of convienience that you change at regular intervals. The party at the local level is the foundation of the national party. Wether we like that system or not that is the way it works and that is why one of the qualifications for being the parties candidate should be fidelity to what the party stands for. Mr. Curley has raised serious doubt on that point.

While I admire the work that Mr. Curley has done in Red Bank and the way he took on Fast Eddie he can not be our candidate for Freeholder.

Well more in the paper about the county budget process. According to the Press Chairwomen Burry invoked the 5 minute rule on some guy going on about ways to save money.

Now I was not there. Maybe this guy was being obnoxious. Maybe the Freeholders are that arrogant that they do not want to hear the guys suggestions. Either scenario is possible.

What amazes me is the continued political ineptitude. Does anyone in our party understand anything about politics or public relations? For crying out loud let the guy ramble on thank him profusely for taking the time to come out and enlighten you and then move on.

Dale Carnegie where are you when we need you.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Let The Games Begin!

Just yesterday I was lamenting that things were so quite in Monmouth County that I had nothing to write about. Thankfully the drought seems to be over.

Bill Barham has apparently decided not to run. Good thing for the party. Bill has been known to say things similiar to; If I am going to run this party people have to support what I want.

That was his biggest problem, delusions of granduer. That type of thinking works when you are the head of a company in the private sector. It does not work in politics. Not all successful businessmen can make that transition. I wish Bill well but right now the party is better off without him and quite frankly he is probably better off that way too.

Onto the new candidates. So far we have Red Bank Councilman John Curly and Holmdel Mayor Serena DiMaso. It is too early to make an endorsement because other candidates might still jump in. I agoing to make a prediction however. Between these two I think Serena would win the nomination.

They have sharply contrasting styles John is an in your face slug it out kind of guy. This has worked very well for him In Red Bank where it took somebody like that to stand up to Bully McKenna.

Serena appears to be more of a consensus builder. She takes a more thoughtful approach. She has demonstrated that she can fight when she has too (she gets a large part of the credit for ending the political career of Terrance Wall which she accomplished with a minimium of drama)

I believe that the Republican rank and file will at this point in time be more attracted to Serena's style then to Johns. I think they are tired of turmoil and would like to build a Freeholder Board that has a shot at working together.

Of course the dynamic could change drastically depending on who else gets in the race.

This could get very interesting so Let the Games Begin!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Late last year I ran a contest that asked elected officials to submit there best budget cuts. I did not get any submissions. I then opened it up to anybody with an idea. Nada again.

I saw something in the paper today that reminded me about this failed contest. I saw a good example of a budget cut item.

Keyport received a grant worth over half a million dollars to redo the facades of businesses in it's business district. They received additional grant monies for people to fix up the outsides of their houses and get reimbursed for things like paint.

Now not to pick on Keyport because I am sure they are not the only town getting money like this but why in in the world are my tax dollars being used to fix up private property in Keyport or anywhere else for that matter.* If our State was in good fiscal shape this would be an outrage. In this economic climate it goes beyond outrage.

Why are your taxes high? There is the answer. Because our government insists on sticking it's nose and our dollars where they do not belong. Any State politician who voted for this does not deserve to be re-elected even if it was buried in the spending bill.

There is the first half a mill to cut from the disgustingly bloated budget.

*My apologies to Keyport for the fact that they happen to be a convenient example for a diatribe. I like Keyport, but you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.